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Injection Therapies for Pain Management and Injuries

Our Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Sal Meli, is offering several injection therapies for pain relief and joint regeneration/healing. These therapies, used either alone or in combination can be of great benefit to becoming pain-free or for returning to sport as soon as possible, especially when other therapies have not worked.

Prolotherapy is used for tendon strains, ligament strains, degenerative disc disorders, osteoarthritis and other conditions. This treatment aims to strengthen connective tissue to stabilize joints and thereby rehabilitate the joint, reduce pain and accompanying muscle spasm. Read more about prolotherapy.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)

Similar in theory to prolotherapy where a healing inflammatory response is evoked to regenerate and strengthen tendons/ligaments, PRP involves injecting platelets from one’s own blood. Blood is drawn in office, spun and a small volume is re-injected into damaged tissue. This treatment used if prolotherapy does not produce satisfactory results.

Prolozone is an effective therapy for pain management from essentially any cause. It involves the injection of a solution of nutrients and anesthetic followed by medical ozone into tender points and joints. Most patients feel noticeably reduced pain after the first treatment and continually less pain with each subsequent treatment. If there is pain and other treatments have failed, prolozone should always be considered. Read more about prolozone therapy at

IV therapy can be customized to each person’s individual needs. Treatments are available to aid and accelerate recovery from sport injury or surgery, reduce inflammatory pain from arthritis and to promote wound healing. Commonly used IV treatments for pain management include medical ozone, DMSO, MSM and magnesium. Read more about IV nutrient therapy at

Complimentary 15min consultations are available for new patients to discuss treatment plan options.