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Nutrition Interventions for Couples

If you are interested in having your nutrition goals stick, it is important that the people around you are supportive. There are three pieces of the puzzle when making behaviour changes around nutrition, they are:

  • Your individual beliefs, knowledge and attitudes
  • Your social network and community of support (family, friends, etc.)
  • Your environment (availability and price of food, where you live and play, available technology, etc.)

Most nutrition interventions try to affect just the individual. It is almost impossible to make a lasting nutritional change without a supportive environment and social network. This is why Peak Dietetics offers nutrition counselling for couples! Initial consultations are 45 mins and $85. In this meeting we will determine how to move your goals forward and how long the follow-up appointment should be. Follow-ups are:

$75 for 30 minutes,

$95 for 45 minutes, and

$115 for 1 hour

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