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The most reputable multidisciplinary & evidence based clinic in Squamish, located in the heart of downtown.


The most reputable multidisciplinary & evidence based clinic in Squamish, located in the heart of downtown.

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Physiotherapy / Yoga Therapy


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Squamish Integrated Health continues to provide groundbreaking research outlining the numerous medical benefits of massage therapy. I am a walking testament to the benefits of massage therapy. The confidence and alacrity that the therapists bring to the table are as important, for me, as the physical treatments.”

— Neal Kindree, Professional Mountain Biker


Squamish Integrated Health has helped me to make a come back downhill bike racing from a very serious back injury. I am now back on my bike and flying down hills at break neck speeds. I can train and race now with no pain. I would not be where I am now without your help.” 

— Lauren Rosser, Provincial team mountain biker

Squamish Integrated Health provides a patient experience that is caring, integrated with other practitioners and convenient. We offer many modalities of care to serve the needs of our Community.

  • Qualified Professionals: All therapists are registered health care professionals

  • Available: largest group of complementary health therapists in Squamish, open seven days a week including evenings

  • Established: Providing Squamish evidence informed treatments since 2000

  • Educated: Committed to ongoing professional development

  • Geeks: Contributes to science; publishing peer reviewed papers, chapter on ‘mechanism of scars and adhesions’

  • Sustainable: Is a zero waste facility built green with no off gassing

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The most reputable multidisciplinary & evidence based clinic in Squamish, located in the heart of downtown.