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The most reputable multidisciplinary & evidence based clinic in Squamish, located in the heart of downtown.


The most reputable multidisciplinary & evidence based clinic in Squamish, located in the heart of downtown.

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Squamish Integrated Health continues to provide groundbreaking research outlining the numerous medical benefits of massage therapy. I am a walking testament to the benefits of massage therapy. The confidence and alacrity that the therapists bring to the table are as important, for me, as the physical treatments.”

— Neal Kindree, Professional Mountain Biker


Squamish Integrated Health has helped me to make a come back downhill bike racing from a very serious back injury. I am now back on my bike and flying down hills at break neck speeds. I can train and race now with no pain. I would not be where I am now without your help.” 

— Lauren Rosser, Provincial team mountain biker

Squamish Integrated Health provides a patient experience that is caring, integrated with other practitioners and convenient. We offer many modalities of care to serve the needs of our Community.

  • Qualified Professionals: All therapists are registered health care professionals

  • Available: largest group of complementary health therapists in Squamish, open seven days a week including evenings

  • Established: Providing Squamish evidence informed treatments since 2000

  • Educated: Committed to ongoing professional development

  • Geeks: Contributes to science; publishing peer reviewed papers, chapter on ‘mechanism of scars and adhesions’

  • Sustainable: Is a zero waste facility built green with no off gassing

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Conferences, Courses and Research

          Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Edmonton 2015 Conference Click here to read “An Interview with Susan Chapelle” published in Terra Rosa E-Magazine. Please visit the following links to Susan’s published research on the effects of Visceral massage: Visceral Massage Reduces Post-Operative Ileus in a Rat Model…


For the Love of Sport

By Ophelia Kwong, MA Clinical Counsellor  Squamish prides itself as the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada.  Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Coast Mountain Range, it is a nirvana for hikers, mountain bikers, rock climbers, skiers and kite surfers alike.   It is easy to meet individuals who have moved…


How Acupuncture Affects the Body

By Jennifer Ramos Acupuncture has become more accepted as an effective treatment for many different types of disorders in recent years. Decades of scientific research has concluded that acupuncture does indeed have physiological effects on the body based upon several different theories.  Acupuncture has been proven to stimulate the hypothalamus…


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The most reputable multidisciplinary & evidence based clinic in Squamish, located in the heart of downtown.