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Kim Devereux – Physiotherapist

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Kim DevereuxKim graduated from Curtin University in Australia in 2005 with a degree in physiotherapy. Since then he has practiced in private practice and sports physio in 4 countries and completed post-graduate education in spinal manual therapy.

Initially Kim worked in clinics in Western Australia before becoming the owner – operator in a gym based physiotherapy centre in the area.  After a year of running a new business he left to go travelling and ended up working for the Cirque du Soleil as the physiotherapist for the show Alegria on a North American tour. For the next year and a half he was responsible for the care of 60 athletes, primarily acrobats and gymnasts, from 20 different countries.

Following this Kim moved to New Zealand to work in the mountains for the winter season. Here he worked at Wanaka physiotherapy and Snowpark NZ working with a variety of clients from people on their yearly ski trip to skiers and snowboarders competing internationally. For the past 3 years, he has been living and working in the sea to sky corridor for Whistler Physiotherapy and has now joined the team at Squamish Integrated Health.