We're open 7 days a week including evenings to suit your busy lifestyle.

Squamish Integrated Health is an evidence* based clinic that has won provincial awards for contributing to the science of manual therapy mechanisms.

When you choose Squamish Integrated Health, know that you are getting the best care available from licensed health care professionals.  We care about your wellbeing and do our best so you can get well sooner.

*Unlike other clinics, we pride ourselves to offer science based treatments and are recognized by reputable medical associations.

Susan Chapelle, founder of Squamish Integrated Health, has brought together the largest group of comprehensive care specialists in Squamish. Her vision was to create a 'community first' clinic, providing a patient experience that is caring, holistic, with hours that are convenient for residents.

Squamish Integrated Health's therapists choose to practice here for their strong love of this community, and for their shared values: evidence based treatments, outdoor lifestyle, local purchasing policy, a zero waste facility and having large, comfortable treatment rooms providing a superior patient experience.


Susan Chapelle
Founder & District of Squamish Councillor


Squamish Integrated Health provides a patient experience that is caring, integrated with other practitioners and convenient. We offer many modalities of care to serve the needs of our community.


Registered Massage Therapy



Acupuncture needles

Acupuncture TCM and Sports Medicine


Physiotherapy / Yoga Therapy


Nutrition & Dietetics



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Hypnotherapy for Chronic Pain