Cancer Therapies: A Survivor’s Perspective

by Marg Huber

For most people, a diagnosis of cancer is the most serious threat to their existence they will experience. Regardless of the type of cancer, it forces them to confront their own mortality and re-evaluate their life. Managing the fear and anxiety can be an enormous challenge, requiring a profound shift in orientation. The new reality presents a torturous road to navigate. They need all the help they can get. When one is most fearful, overwhelmed, easily confused, and unwell, one cannot digest complicated information about drug options and choices. Yet that is what is demanded at the most vulnerable of times.

Marg Huber writes from the perspective of a cancer patient who has been there. A 62 year old Caucasian Canadian woman, who was diagnosed in November 2007 with stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer, a locally advanced, invasive carcinoma, Huber shares with us what she has learned.

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