Emily Costa

Emily CostaComing from an artistic background, Emily moved from southern Alberta to Vancouver in 2002, and worked for several years in the film industry. Her decision to pursue massage therapy came during a Christmas vacation in Mexico, where she received treatments by a massage therapist who’s skill and quality of life inspired her to consider a career change.

After graduating from Utopia Academy’s 3000 hour program in 2010, Emily worked in private practice in Steveston Village for 3 years. She recently moved to Squamish and is delighted about joining the team at Squamish Integrated Health.

Emily has tremendous empathy and understanding for the healing process and recognizes the need for customized therapeutic treatments to facilitate this journey. Her approach to treatment focuses on safely addressing client concerns and promoting full body awareness. By integrating education into the session, she strongly encourages her clients to be proactive in their health care.

Through her practice, Emily has gained experience in the treatment of TMJ related disorders, scar tissue and aspects of women’s health including pregnancy and breast care. She has continued her education with courses in myofascial release, muscle energy technique, and breast massage.

Born and raised in the country, Emily developed a passionate connection with nature and she is thrilled to now call Squamish her home. Her interested outside of work include her new baby, hiking, travelling, and delicious food.