Hypnotherapy for Chronic Pain

After returning from training, I am excited to be adding Clinical Hypnotherapy for Chronic Pain (non-cancer) to other chronic pain treatments I utilize, such as Cognitive-Behavioral, Emotion Regulation, Mindfulness and Acceptance Therapies, and Relaxation Training.

Dr. Jeff Ennis, Psychiatrist, Author and Pain Expert

The training I recieved was with Dr. Jeff Ennis who has recently published a book called Hypnotherapy for Pain Control: A Safe and Non-Addictive Way to Relieve Chronic Pain.

His background makes him uniquely experienced in the treatment of chronic pain. He is a Psychiatrist, Pain Specialist and has lived with chronic pain much of his life. He has treated patients with chronic pain for twenty years. The book and his website go into much more detail about his struggles with chronic pain, however, he has lived with multiple spinal surgeries and fusions, multiple hand surgeries, Guillaume-Barre Syndrome and Ehler-Danlos Syndrome.

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As a Psychiatrist and Pain Expert, he is an authority in all of the medications used in the treatment of chronic pain. As a chronic pain survivor, he also brings the perspective of someone who experiences chronic pain and has a very busy life.

Dr. Ennis has a found a way of controlling his pain which leaves him free of side effects and allows him to continue pursuing the things he loves.

I am bringing Clinical Hypnotherapy to Squamish Integrated Health, and am excited to add this to the toolbox of treatments I have practiced over my 20 year practice of working with patients.

If you’re interested in finding out more about my treatments for pain and Clinical Hypnotherapy for Pain, please schedule a free 15- minute telephone consultation with me at Squamish Integrated Health at 1-604-567-2666.


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