Get Well Sooner.

Jonas Brancalion

Jonas suffered a very painful fracture of the last vertebra in his lower back after an accident. His family doctor told him he would not be able to continue with any sports and physical activity and that surgery was the only option. Devastated by the news, Jonas sought a second opinion from a naturopathic doctor and massage therapist who suggested a different approach. He was told that this approach could help him heal from his injuries and avoid surgery altogether. In one treatment Jonas was pain free and was astounded that putting on his shoes was painless whereas this was almost unbearable prior to this unique treatment. The technique used is referred to as a type of neuro-plastic massage. Medical doctors had no comments about how or why Jonas was able to heal so quickly and without surgery. Jonas happily returned to snowboarding, rock climbing and lifting weights in the gym without any issues.

This truly inspired Jonas to pursue a career in massage therapy as he wants to help people the same way that he was helped. It’s empowering and gratifying to be able to help people get back to their daily activities pain free. Since 2008, Jonas has graduated with Honors from the Canadian Therapeutic College and received the outstanding achievement award. He went on to teach massage therapy at Trillium College before running his own practice.

He has spent the past 9 years actively treating clients and applying neuro-plastic and general osteopathic techniques which he finds very effective for clients who suffer from headaches and migraines. Jonas has experience with sports injuries and car accident related injuries that range from disc related back pains, sciatica and conditions where other treatments have proven ineffective. Jonas’ practice focuses on spinal alignment, soft tissue restrictions, joint pain and general rehabilitation. He truly believes that the body is designed to heal itself and we are meant to enjoy life by being active, out in nature and most of all pain free.