Physiotherapy / Yoga Therapy

The system used is a unique and creative combination of Manual Therapy/Physiotherapy, Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), Mobilizations with Movement (MWMs), Mobilizations of the Nervous system (NOI), Restorative and Hatha Yoga postures, breathing techniques (Pranayama and Kriyas) and guided meditation as well as a combination of traditional performance training and rehabilitation methods.

The creation and maintenance of a healthy body and mind as well as a developing an awarenessof the inner self, which is made strong, flexible and resilient takes repeated practice and discipline to develop. By manipulating the nervous system with breath, movement and meditation an optimal environment for healing can be created.

With guidance and manual realignment when required, ideal joint tracking, deep core strength, vital energy (Prana), and disruptive thought processes can be realigned and restored, leading to pain-free movement and the resiliency to meet the demands of life with equanimity