Self-Massage for Breasts


You may wish to start out by liberally applying lotion or oils to your breasts to assist gliding over the skin and to avoid unnecessary discomfort.

  1. Use very light strokes like petting a cat and sweep from just below the collar bone all the way down to the nipple, working one breast at a time. Then, using the same pressure sweep outward from the nipple in all directions like a spoke on a wheel, with the centre being the nipple. Move in straight lines from the nipple out to the sides of the breast working the entire breast. You may wish to work each line one fingers width apart in a clockwise direction until you have worked the entire breast up to three times around. (Note: While doing this technique, try to feel for any changes. You may wish to try and take notes on every aspect of your breasts conditions, such as: lumpiness, shape, colour, texture, contour, volume, symmetry, size, nipple appearance, and even temperature. Every month compare these qualities to see if there are any changes. If you notice any that are very noticeable, you should see your health care provider.)
  2. Using both hands, cup the breast on either side with medium pressure and gently massage the breast sweeping from the outside of the breast towards the nipples.
  3. Using the same cupping hands on either side of the breast and with medium pressure gently and slowly rotate your hands while sweeping from the outside of the breast towards the nipples. Do this in both directions at least 3 times.
  4. Last you can do compressions on the breast. First, slowly compress with fingers on either side of the nipples, and then sweeping from the nipples outwards towards the sides of the breast. Second, Simply cup over the centre of your breast with one hand and put your other hand over top of it, then compress the breast with medium to firm pressure (being sure not to hurt yourself, it should not be too painful, if it is lighten up a little bit) 1-3 times. Now you can repeat this on the other breast starting back at number one.


Breast massage for implants

Breast implant self-massage is also very important for women who have implants. One of the many reasons to get a professional breast massage even when you perform your own self breast massage is to insure that it is done properly and with optimum results! There is never a substitute for a thorough and professional breast massage from a highly trained and certified therapist, because the self breast massage does not compare. The professional Breast Massage is one hour long and the self breast massage is less than 15 minutes tops, so if you think about it, there is a big difference. It is still good, however, to learn how to perform self-breast massage for between appointment maintenance and we encourage women to do it to improve their breast health and to lower their breast cancer risks. The technique shown below is one of the breast implant massage techniques known as displacement, which helps in postoperative augmentation by avoiding what is known as “Capsule Contracture”. Capsule contracture can cause augmented breasts to become unnaturally hard and can also in some cases cause them to shift or look abnormal. Not only is breast massage important for the health of women with augmented breasts, but it is also important to maintain the appearance and feel of the augmented breasts as well.

Hold breast at bottom and squeeze bag from bottom to top to move through capsule and reduce adhesions.